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From Gallery to Globe with Jetlog Logistics

WORLDART opened its art gallery in Cape Town in 2006 and has since shipped many artworks to destinations all over the world. Their experience and track record is one of the reasons why they are rated as one of the best art galleries in Cape Town.

Delivering a piece of art overseas may seem daunting and complicated, even risky, when you haven’t done it before. Fortunately, modern technology and our assistance allow us to have your artwork delivered intact and within fourteen days.

For extra peace of mind, the shipment is also insured for a 100% refund if anything goes wrong while in transit.

We use the service of an established and reputable shipping agent to manage the process. Jetlog Courier and Logistics regularly compare pricing and performance with other shipping agents to ensure that we stay competitive and get the best value for our clients.

So how does the process work?

1. When you purchase a painting and require it to be delivered at a destination outside South Africa, you do not have to pay VAT (Value Added Tax), which is 15% in South Africa. This means your purchase price immediately drops by 15%. You will, however, be expected to pay import tax when the painting arrives in the country of destination. Artworks generally fall in lower tax categories – a painting shipped to the UK for instance will be subject to only 7% customs tax, while most European countries charge 8% and some states in the USA have no import taxes at all.

2. Once you decide to purchase an artwork, we instantly get a quote from our shipping agent. The price depends on the size of the artwork and its destination but is estimated to be between 700 and 900 USD. This is for a door-to-door option with the artwork crated under the insurer’s requirements. Cheaper shipping options will involve removing the canvas from the stretcher and rolling it up for packaging in a tube, or shipping the artwork to the airport closest to you, where you can then personally collect the painting.

3. When the painting arrives in its country of destination, the shipping company (DHL is recommended) will contact you to arrange payment of the import tax amount, after which they will deliver your painting.

It’s that simple.

Jetlog is a Cape-Town-based logistics and courier company offering export services, crating and warehousing. 

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